Welcome to Lucid Wine

I am a 30’s women, newly married, and I have 4 children.  I have  been in the education profession for the last 14 years, and have climbed the ladder from teaching to administration.  I love the successes I have experienced; however, my true passion is and has always been, writing.  I have so many thoughts and experiences to share and have thought about anonymous blogging.  After looking into it, and seeing how much you have to do to “hide”, I felt that I should start with more comfortable topics then go deeper as time goes on.

I “anonymously” blogged a few years ago, but did not keep up with it.  I will share a few of those posts here as well or just provide the links.  I used quotation marks because I thought I was anonymous, but the blog was connected to by personal email with an anonymous name attached to it.  I had a lot to learn…LOL!  Anyhow, I hope this takes off and serves it’s purpose!  I can’t wait to share!


One thought on “Welcome to Lucid Wine

  1. Yeah – caught on to that email thing myself. Then – local people found me. It’s a trip trying to post and not know who exactly is reading – but – knows who I am. argh. lol

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