Renovate your Reality


I’m pretty sure that most of us are familiar with the old saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  I remember hearing the saying over the years on various television shows, via coworkers, educators, etc., and it wasn’t until my millionth free lemon that I paid attention to what that really meant.  For years, I have been weighed down by these lemons, and recently, I have learned phenomenal lemonade recipes. Rather than wallow in sorrow, why not take what you are dealt and make something better?

For years, I have suffered because I have been mistakenly thinking that I can change my situations and change my relationships for the better by helping others “see the light.”  In reality, we do not have control over anything but ourselves.  I cannot change a cheating man or a narcissistic asshole I encounter; rather, I can make the decision on whether I will allow such presences in my life, and in the event that I do not have a choice, I can control how I handle myself in dealing with them and how I handle myself in less than ideal circumstances.  At the moment, I may not be able to quit a stressful job; however, I can develop a plan of exit and put forth the effort to execute.  When I am faced with tragedy, I can decide to give up or push forward; thus, when my life crumbles, I can decide to live in the fragments, or I can decide to rebuild.




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