Self, Tell Me the Truth!



There’s nothing I hate more than a liar. How many times have you heard that line? People generally pride themselves on trying to tell the truth as much as possible, so why do we continuously lie to ourselves? “Self, I don’t have a drinking problem. Self, dating this loser isn’t self-destructive.  Self, I’m happy in my perfect life,” grin…gag!

The struggle with truth is real. We often find ourselves telling little white lies to get out of tricky situations, and we condition ourselves to internalize them for ourselves.  We struggle with fighting our own demons and often convince ourselves that they do not exist…that the fight is over.

Struggling is life-long, whether it be, struggling to lose weight, struggling through an addiction, struggling with mental stability, struggling with the pursuit of happiness, struggling financially, struggling through relationships…shit, struggling through life.  Would the struggle be easier if we admit the truth to ourselves, or would the struggle just intensify?

At the end of the day, no matter what lies we internalize for survival, the struggle is still there.  The truth remains.  Paradoxically,  euphoric moments can elicit an inner-fight; we may struggle to hold on to that intoxicating feeling.  Even the happiest of us struggle with what some may refer to as the simpler things in life, such as struggling with the decision of what to wear for a night out or struggling with choosing what to eat for dinner.  Then the vicious cycle continues…”Self, this dress isn’t 2 sizes too small.  Self, I absolutely prefer this cup of iceberg lettuce and tomatoes over that fettuccine Alfredo I passed up…”


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