Wooo, Shit! It’s Summer

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I hate to sound like a pessimist, but with so many looking forward to and enjoying the summer, I can’t help but feel the way that I feel. I am a mother of 4, and I am newly a stay-at-home mom.  When I say new, it is brand new!  I’ve been stay-at-home mom for…drum roll…a whopping 48 days!  Yes, I know the day down to the day, and when I say, I commend stay-at-home moms, it doesn’t even scratch the surface.

I have been a working mother since my first child.  I have dreamed of and longed for the opportunity to stay home with my children. I have fantasized about how wonderful it would be and how we would bond and how life would be just grand and perfect.  Fast forward to a time where it has happened…”AAAAHHHHHH!  What was I thinking?!?”  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love my children dearly; however, they have managed to frustrate me to the point that I feel like my ears are on fire.  Am I safe to tell the absolute truth right now?  I used to envy stay-at-home moms and express to others how unfair it was for women to have husbands that supported the family while they were able to stay with the family, have leisure time, and bond over nice games and activities with the children.  Um, I was sadly mistaken.

I have been at home with the children in the past due to my career in education; however, it was for a duration of a few weeks in the summer.  May I add, this duration was sandwiched in between the beginning and end of the summers with the children spending time at Gran Mary’s house.  My mother helped me out with the times that my children were out of school and I was on contract time at work. I am definitely not a stranger to spending multiple days on end with the bambinos; now, I am in No Man’s Land, Germany, 5700 miles away from home and no Gran Mary in sight.

Now, let’s fast forward to now…my 20-month old has me running like Flo Jo, or should I say Usain Bolt for the younger folks that are wondering who the hell Flo Jo is?  She is pulling things out left and right, and when I call her name to stop doing something or to spit something out, she is constantly running from me and looking back at me laughing hysterically.  It is too cute and too exhausting all at the same time.  While I am chasing her, my 12-year-old son is managing to make P.B. & J’s, leave crumbs and supplies all over the counter, tease his 6-year-old sister, and torment his 10-year-old sister all at the same time.  My 6-year-old picks at everyone all day — older brother, older sister, baby sister, and myself — then walks around like a crying zombie when anyone reacts to it.  All of this takes place while my 10-year-old daughter reenacts the latest Disney tween shows in the household then falls apart anytime anyone calls her out on being a “Mean Girl” or for just being full of drama.  I’m telling you, people, I’ve only gotten my toes wet, and I am drowning!  Stay-at-home moms, I commend you!!  You have a gift beyond belief!  Now, I am in survival mode and devising schedules, tasks, chores…you name it!  Sadly, I’m doing this to survive, but I know I will be a pro by the end of the summer.  Will I?  Please, tell me I will!



7 thoughts on “Wooo, Shit! It’s Summer

  1. These days pass so quickly 🙂 Before you know it they’ll be grown. It’s difficult with an age spread. Make lists, make sure everyone has chores (okay 20 month old kinda gets a break lol). Dishes, laundry, vacuuming. They are all old enough to help out. This way you can also have down time when they have downtime (baby for a nap). Six year old feels lost in the sauce, not special. I’m sure she is but she doesn’t get it. She was usurped by the baby. Been there 😉 Luv your post. Fun read. I was home until my oldest was 10, youngest three. Then I worked part-time (and did a lot of volunteer work). Full-time when the baby turned 6. Enjoy these days – sounds like you have a great sense of humor.

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  2. Unfortunately, I have to go back to work after getting to be home with my three daughters for a year and a half. We are planning on this being temporary. I have worked outside the home part-time, full-time, and ran a daycare full-time in my home. Bring a true SAHM is by far my favorite and personally for me, the easiest! While I understand it’s not for everyone, I hope you find a good rhythm so you can enjoy your time with your kids. Well, most days….lets be real, here!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Like I said, I absolutely commend all SAHM’s! There’s been controversy over the years between working mothers and SAHM’s, and some have argued which job is the hardest. To me, there is no job in this world that can ever measure up to being a mother or parent in general, and these past couple of months have really shown me a lot! It also allowed me to see just how much they need us and how much attention mine have been missing. Even if I do go back to work, I now know that I need to make sure to keep a healthy balance and keep at home numero uno! Thank you for the comment!

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