Slow Down and Live



Dawn stood at the window and gazed at the beautiful rolling hills and newly blooming wild flowers.  She looked up at the sky and and noticed the most beautiful shade of blue she had ever laid her eyes on.  For the first time in years, she remembered what it actually mean to stop and smell the roses.  Dawn was finally at a place in her life where she could finally appreciate the true treasures of life.

The last decade of Dawn’s life had been filled with worry, stress, and responsibility.  In fact, as she thought about her past 10 years, she was saddened by the realization that she had not lived, but survived.  The previous years felt like a vapor, and it was a struggle for Dawn to recall moments.  She had been so overloaded that she neglected the simpler things and ignored precious moments in time.  She had been so consumed with anxiety, she had been conditioned to focus on everything that was wrong and to ignore the glimmers of happiness that flickered right in front of her.  Life had been happening around her while Dawn had fallen faithful to stress.

Dawn’s gaze became hazed with tears as she thought about her children.  At that moment, she struggled to recall specific moments of them growing up. Tears streamed down Dawn’s face as she realized precious memories had been extricated by preoccupations with work, toxic relationships, and financial strain. Dawn’s sobbing intensified as she conceived that these were moments of their lives that could never be recovered.


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