How Many Prophecies Are We Living?


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The dictionary defines prophecy as a prediction of what will happen in the future and in the biblical sense, it is a prediction or instruction influenced by divinity.  No matter what our individual beliefs are, whether it be Christian, Muslim, Hinduism, Pagan, or so forth, the truth is, we all have certain prophecies that will be fulfilled during our lifetimes.  The question is, what do we define as our prophecies?  It’s mind-boggling.  Our actions and decisions lead us down different paths in the same life; thus, are these declarations our prophecies?  If so, are our prophecies forever changing?

Once upon a time, there was a girl who made every effort to live a structured life of goodness, without detours and minimal mistakes.  The girl consciously believed that this was a life of good will and good intent, and all people should strive to live this life.  She maintained all A’s from elementary to high school.  She received an academic scholarship for college and attended a well-known university where she majored in Chemistry and pursued the pre-med track.  In college, she never partied with her peers; instead, she studied, worked, tended to her daily duties, and actively planned out her future.  The girl did not date during this time, because she planned to graduate from college, go to medical school, establish her career, then date and pursue marriage and children after she felt that she was well established.  Her prophecy was to be a successful doctor and a well-rounded model citizen, or was it?  What if the girl fell ill?  What if the girl was in an accident of some kind that prevented her from following through with her plans?  What if a traumatic event caused her to lose sight of her original plans?  Do these become her new prophecies?  How do we truly define it?

I wonder this because I wonder what my prophecy was.  I wonder what my prophecy is.  Was my prophecy to be diagnosed with Grave’s Disease at 20 and end up hypothyroid after a radiation treatment and later suffer co-morbid diseases due to this?  Or, was my prophecy to be involved in a toxic relationship, have 3 children, and leave the relationship to fall into yet another toxic situation and have another child before I actually found my husband?  What is my prophecy now, or am I still walking the path of my original prophecy that has yet to be fulfilled?  Am I walking a path leading to an ultimate prophecy, or has my prophecy or prophecies been continually changing?  My plans and earlier actions in life certainly did not set me up for the prophecies that I described; however, the detours I took certainly did.  I always imagined being a successful woman in all areas that are important to me – faith, family, living life, and career.  I do not see myself as a failure; yet, I did not forecast the path that I took to get to where I am today, and many outsiders looking in would not have predicted my walk either.  The way that I conduct my life today leads me to foresee future happiness and continual successes in my important 4 areas.  Will my path continue to be bumpy and full of detours, or is it my prophecy to travel a smooth and scenic route?


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