Racing to No End


Every day, she lives to please others at the sake of her own true happiness. She functions rather than lives; she manages her life and those who are a part of it.  Often, she sits and ponders, and everything around her becomes background interference.  She notices the noises of her family, but she doesn’t actually hear it.  Everyone fights for her attention as she looks through them.  She often wonders when she will finish her pursuit of meaning and longs to complete a race that seems to have no end.  Day by day, she lives the motions of life without true feeling and has become so accustomed to it, that she knows no difference.  She cries dry tears and nobody notices, yet, she continues to press on.  She ponders what her purpose on Earth is and frustratingly, only comes up with questions. When the hell are we finished?  What is life’s true meaning?  If we find what makes us truly happy, does that make life’s journey complete, or is there something else?  What is true happiness anyways? Does anyone ever actually reach it, or do we settle for contentment…




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