Passed Around Like a Bottle of Crown

Is it me, or are facades passed around like there is no tomorrow?

Dani hit snooze on the alarm for the last time, and stumbled out of bed wishing it were all a dream.  She reminisced about the previous night as she turned the shower on.  She stepped into the shower and sighed as the hot water hit her head and ran down the rest of her body.  Her heart was broken after finding out her fiancé had been cheating on her for years.  Her time with her fiancé played in her mind as she stumbled through the motions of getting ready for work that morning.  

When she walked into the office, she was approached by a coworker who exclaimed in her usual morning person nature, “Hey, Dani!  How are you doing this morning?”  Dani looked at her coworker with a forced smile and responded, “I’m pretty good, how are you?”  Her coworker replied, “I am great!  Have a wonderful day!”  She failed to mention to Dani that she was in the process of finding a place to move to after being evicted from her apartment.  Next, Dani encountered a top executive in the company who enthusiastically approached her, “Good morning, Dani!  I am so glad I ran into you.  I need your help to score this big account I have been working on.  Are you up for the challenge?”  At that moment, Dani could not think of anything less she wanted to attempt or pursue as she choked out a response, “Sure thing!  I am always ready for a challenge.”  The executive smiled at Dani and told her that she would be in touch to explain the details and was looking forward to working on the project with her while she buried her feelings of anxiety from being called in prior and being told that her job was on the line.  

Dani inhaled as much air into her chest as she could and slowly let it out as she proceeded into her office.  Dani leaned on the door as she closed it behind her then walked over to her chair.  As soon as she sat down, she received a phone call from her friend and colleague in the company.  “Hey, Chica, would you like to grab some lunch?  I have tons to tell you.”  Not only was Dani’s appetite shot, she had absolutely zero interest in hearing about any drama her friend had been experiencing and or wanting to share while she was suffering a traumatic event of her own.  Dani replied to her friend, “Sure, I would love to.  What time is good for you?”  They set a time and destination and both hung up the phone with dark clouds hanging over their heads.  Dani dreaded the impending unhappy hour cocktails while her friend struggled to find a way to tell Dani that she was the woman that her fiancé had been sleeping with…



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