Dear America…



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Dear America,

How do you propose to be great again, and do you truly believe you were ever great to begin with?  Realists are aware of the fact that you have made leaps and bounds over centuries to become prodigious; however, you continue to follow in the footsteps of ignorant ancestors who believed greatness meant inequality and domination rather than celebrating the greatness of diversity that is supposedly the foundation of you.  There is no need to rehash the many travesties that you have suffered in detail, but I do believe that anyone with a sound mind would agree that your greatness does not include taking from Native Americans, being used as a wasteland for exiled convicts, slavery, oppression, discrimination, hate crimes, and various assassinations of those who fought for unity and dreamed to actually make you Great.  During your history, there has been multitudes of greatness, yet, sadly overshadowed due to the underlying hate that has plagued you since birth.

Presently, America, you are faced with a decision.  Are you going to continue to sustain hate, OR are you going to uplift each individual that is a part of you during adversity to work towards greatness?  Are you going to continuously rehash the realities of the 2016 election, OR are you going to unite and push forward to remedy the plagues of unjustness?  Are you going to set an example of democracy for other countries, OR are you going to continue to be a joke to the countries that are rejoicing due to your current privation? Will you remain divided, OR do you wish to be whole?  You have choices to make and many paths to choose.  What will it be; how will you define your greatness?

With Truest Sincerity,

An American Citizen

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